Emotional Eating Diary

DOWNLOAD THE EMOTIONAL EATING DIARY Do you struggle with emotional eating? This diary was designed to help you identify which emotions trigger you to eat and which types of food you choose in these situations. Tracking your emotions is the first step in curbing emotional eating. We've also added space for you to brainstorm alternative behaviours for future situations. Just download and print!

Exploring Your Triggers

DOWNLOAD THE TRIGGER WORKSHEET This worksheet was developed to help you explore both internal and external triggers, which lead to negative thoughts and behaviours. We often respond to our triggers with automatic thoughts or responses, which have become ingrained in us over the years. However, these thoughts are often very inaccurate - particularly when we are feeling low. Over-generalising, catastrophising, critical self-talk, mind-reading or black and white thinking are common automatic thought patterns. To disrupt these patterns, it is useful to identify alternative positive thoughts and see how…

30 Day Goal Tracker

DOWNLOAD THE GOAL tracker Have a goal you would like to accomplish? Use our 30 day goal tracker to monitor your progress. We've also added some space for you to record the motivation behind your goal - make sure to refer back to this if things get difficult. Just download and print!  

Goal Planner

DOWNLOAD THE GOAL PLANNER Use our planner to outline your goals and the specific steps you will take to achieve them. Just download and print! Tip: If you are struggling to reach a goal, try reworking the action plan!  

Mindful Hunger Scale

DOWNLOAD THE MINDFUL HUNGER SCALE Are you eating for the right reasons? We often eat due to psychological hunger (stress, boredom, routine, comfort) rather than physiological hunger. Try rating your hunger using this scale before you eat... Click here to download!  

Food (and Symptom) Diary

DOWNLOAD THE FOOD (AND SYMPTOM) DIARY Use our food diary to record what you are eating throughout the day. You can also use it to write down any symptoms you may be experiencing after eating - this will help your dietitian to isolate any allergies or intolerances you may have. Just download and print!