April 27, 2016


Has Instagram changed our perception of health and beauty?

Gone are the days where social media was simply a way to catch up with friends or see what they were up to a Friday night. Numerous social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have now transcended this simple connection to friends and family and become an entirely separate virtual reality - one that is becoming as important to many people as their actual "offline" lives. Social media has clearly had a major impact on our personal lives and…

The Kindred Guide to Plant-Based Eating

Forget the 5-a-day mantra, what about 7-a-day or…. more? There is increasing interest in plant-based eating from many groups including animal rights and environmental campaigners alongside experts in nutrition. I went to an interesting research symposium on the topic last month and wanted to share it with you. What is plant-based eating? Simply, it means basing your diet around plant foods. Plant foods being vegetables, fruit, wholegrain starchy carbohydrates, pulses/legumes, nuts, seeds and plant-based dairy alternatives (such as soya, rice…

30 Day Goal Tracker

DOWNLOAD THE GOAL tracker Have a goal you would like to accomplish? Use our 30 day goal tracker to monitor your progress. We've also added some space for you to record the motivation behind your goal - make sure to refer back to this if things get difficult. Just download and print!  

Goal Planner

DOWNLOAD THE GOAL PLANNER Use our planner to outline your goals and the specific steps you will take to achieve them. Just download and print! Tip: If you are struggling to reach a goal, try reworking the action plan!  

Organising your Space (Part 1): Clearing Out

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci I have always considered myself to be an organised person. However, over the past few years, I became incredibly aware of the amount of stuff I was accumulating. One honest look at my environment and I knew that my life was becoming far too overcrowded with unnecessary clutter. Many of these things I acquired by my own free will (I’m looking at you online sales). Nonetheless, it made me question – Do…