August 10, 2016


Emotional Eating Diary

DOWNLOAD THE EMOTIONAL EATING DIARY Do you struggle with emotional eating? This diary was designed to help you identify which emotions trigger you to eat and which types of food you choose in these situations. Tracking your emotions is the first step in curbing emotional eating. We've also added space for you to brainstorm alternative behaviours for future situations. Just download and print!

Why Moderation is the Key to Healthy Eating

“Everything in moderation”- Dietitians have undoubtedly repeated this phrase many times over when it comes to healthy eating. However, what is moderation exactly? And why do some of us find it easier to follow a restrictive diet, avoiding particular foods or entire food groups, rather than enjoying everything we like, but in smaller quantities? How do we ensure that by allowing ourselves a scoop of our favourite ice cream or a small glass of wine that we won’t end up…