If I Could Only Choose One: Shampoo Edition (Fran)

December 6, 2015

Following on from Laura’s choice, I debated this one for a while (it’s a difficult decision, right?!).

I’ll be honest with you, my shampoo choice usually involves walking into Boots/Superdrug/Tesco and seeing which one is half price. This is how many shameful, but honest, consultations with hairdressers begin and then end with them looking at me like some kind of hair pauper that should be pitied.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the value of buying good beauty products. But my pocket money usually gets spent on eye and face creams (due to my anxiety over wrinkles and dark circles), leaving me with little to invest in my hair. I realised what a mistake this was one morning when I ‘borrowed’ some of my mother in law’s shampoo and conditioner (I stayed the night and hadn’t brought any). WOW – I had hair like that of a magazine, it smelled amazing and was so very soft and voluminous. This I found out was what Kerastase can do for you! I have lots of very fine hair, which is as flat as a pancake, the solution I found by accident is Kerestase’s resistance range. If you want to try this I recommend getting it from Feel Unique when they have a discount code (its the cheapest I could find it) and hey – at the moment I write this they have 20% off!

This nearly made it to be my ‘one’ however I have recently fell head over heels with Aromatherapy Associates’ Shampoo. It makes me feel like I have been on a spa day for a fraction of the price. The scent of ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli essential oils will cheer up any dull winter’s day. I have found it very soothing to my tired scalp and it leaves my hair so very shiny and scented like a dream. I found it cheapest on Beauty Bay however they have sold out, but its a similar price here….

I don’t use it every wash (i can’t afford to), however it certainly cheers up the days I do.

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