5 Tips for a Mindful and Merry Christmas

December 6, 2015

Christmas can be a difficult time of year. Excitement and high expectations can come crashing down when compared to the reality. I’ll be honest – I had a difficult Christmas last year which left me starting the New Year tucked up in bed feeling sorry for myself with a bad back and a swollen face (my personal stress reaction!) I have spent a lot of time this year reflecting on what went wrong and while these things are very personal and unique to me, I have tried to pull out 5 general tips to help us all navigate this tricky season and appreciate what it has to offer.

1. Reflect on last year.

      All of our families are different and have their own challenges. Write down what went well and not so well last year. Think about the elements you have control of and write an action plan. If you have a partner, do this together. It needs to be a team effort.

2. Simplify your presents.

        Realise that most of them will end up in the charity shop and relax! We all own enough ‘stuff’ and have probably spent the last year trying to de-clutter our houses. So why not think of presents that are experiences you can do together e.g. a spa day with your mum, a posh cocktail out with your sister or a babysitting voucher. They don’t need hunting down in the shop, wrapping or carting between your houses.

3. Start the day with a meditation.

          Even just a 3 minute one. Clear your mind and move your focus from the stresses of Christmas that don’t really matter. I promise this is not time wasted but time invested in enjoying your day.

4. Don’t drink alcohol on Christmas day.

            I know this sounds boring, and I am usually first to down that glass of prosecco at breakfast, but alcohol is a known depressant. If you are prone to feeling down, or find family time difficult this is really not going to help! Save your glass of bubbly ‘til after the big day when you are feeling more relaxed and can truly enjoy it.

5. Go for a walk.

              We love our families, but a day spent crammed in the living room, not moving will always end in irritation. Get your wellies on, a bit of fresh air will wake you up, ease any tension and burn off some of those mince pies.

I hope these are helpful.  Please share any tips you have with us as we’d love to hear them.

The image for this blog is my Christmas card choice of this year from Paperchase – it looks like the sort of mindful and chilled Christmas I want, please!


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