Exploring Your Triggers

July 7, 2016


This worksheet was developed to help you explore both internal and external triggers, which lead to negative thoughts and behaviours.

We often respond to our triggers with automatic thoughts or responses, which have become ingrained in us over the years. However, these thoughts are often very inaccurate – particularly when we are feeling low. Over-generalising, catastrophising, critical self-talk, mind-reading or black and white thinking are common automatic thought patterns. To disrupt these patterns, it is useful to identify alternative positive thoughts and see how they affect the ‘cognitive loop.’

More about Laura

Hello - I'm Laura - an American living in London, England. Six years ago, I made a huge decision to leave my established career in Graphic Design to pursue my passion for Nutrition. I earned a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics at King's College London and am now a Registered Dietitian. I started Kindred as a creative platform to share tips and practical tools for diet, health and wellbeing.

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