About Kindred

Hello! I’m Laura – a London-based Registered Dietitian with a previous background in Graphic Design.

Six years ago, I made a huge decision to leave my established design career and pursue my passion for Nutrition and Health. I earned a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics from King’s College London and have since worked as an RD, both as a content writer and as part of the National Health Service (NHS). I started Kindred as a creative platform to share evidence-based articles and practical tools for diet, health and well-being.

Of course two heads are better than one! That’s why I recruited Anna to join me. She also shares my passion for nutrition and the psychology behind individual food choice and eating behaviour. With a BSc in Nutrition and Psychology from St Mary’s University and previous experience as a health content writer, Anna is well equipped to bring clarity to these complex fields and translate emerging research into actionable goals!

We hope you enjoy our site! Please feel free to get in touch or to join the discussion!


Whilst Kindred advocates evidenced-based medicine, this site does not replace seeing a registered health professional in person who can provide you with individualised medical advice.


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